Le Cachet Warranty

Please note this warranty is not an insurance product.

We underwrite our own warranties and these are included in the asking price; however, we also deal with 3rd party warranty companies that can offer extended warranty polices at an additional cost to the purchase price. Any third party warranty will be subject to its own terms and conditions and the conditions set out below will not apply.

Unless otherwise agreed, all vehicles 10 years or newer advertised and sold by Le Cachet come with warranty as detailed below:
• vehicles that are under 3 years old – balance of manufacturer warranty
• vehicles that are 3 to 5 years old – 6 months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first) parts and labour warranty
• vehicles that are 5 to 10 years old – 3 months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first) – parts and labour warranty

Le Cachet generally offers a limited warranty for certain vehicles whereby Le Cachet agrees to repair or replace any part of the vehicle in the event of a mechanical malfunction for a limited period of time or limited number of miles. Whether the vehicle you are purchasing will be covered by a Le Cachet warranty is discussed with you prior to the sale, is detailed on the invoice and is subject to the conditions set out below.

Our vehicles are thoroughly checked and approved before being displayed at our showroom and are offered for sale fully serviced for our customer’s peace of mind; however, it is your responsibility to have the car regularly checked after purchase and not to drive it with any faults or warning lights on, unless specifically advised that it is safe to do so by a qualified vehicle technician and this recommendation doesn’t contradict the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It is your responsibility to follow the manufacturer’s service schedules and maintain the vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to do so will invalidate this warranty.

When you have your vehicle serviced, your vehicle may be either up to a maximum of 50 miles over the recommended service mileage or no longer than two weeks passed the time period given, whichever comes first.
It is important that you keep your service receipts as we may need them to confirm any repair claim you make. We recommend that your vehicle is serviced by an appropriate and reputable specialist.

What’s Covered?

This warranty covers most mechanical and the main electrical components on your vehicle (such as the engine, the gearbox, the transmission, the transfer case or the ECU) against mechanical and electrical breakdown, subject to the conditions detailed herein and the maximum claim limit of either £5,000 or the cost of the vehicle at the time of the claim, whichever is lowest, and includes:
• up to £100 towards the cost of recovery to the repairing garage.
• if your claim is valid, we will pay for fault diagnosis charges subject to a maximum of £100 per claim including GST or one hour of labour, whichever is lower.
In the event of a malfunction, you must decide whether to authorise the repairer to take your vehicle apart. We will only accept the cost of taking it apart if this is part of an authorised repair under this warranty.

We reserve the right to inspect the vehicle before authorising repairs and may also arrange for parts to be examined by a specialist of our choice.

We reserve the right to provide replacement parts and to carry out repairs under this warranty or to arrange for their provision by other persons.

We will only pay for the manufacturer’s list prices for parts. If parts have to be ordered from outside the UK, we will only pay the UK price of an equivalent part. We will pay labour costs that are necessary to repair or replace those parts up to £75 per hour. Actual repair times will be limited to the manufacturer’s recommended repair times. With every claim you make, you must provide a GST receipt from the repairer, who must be authorised to carry out the repair.

What’s Not Covered?

Any faults or malfunctions on any vehicle where the speedometer or milometer has been interfered with, altered or disconnected.

Any consumables/parts which should be replaced under normal servicing requirements, including any damage to parts otherwise covered under this warranty which is caused either by failure of these consumables/parts or your failure to replace them in time

Batteries, tires, brake friction materials, worn clutch systems, engine belts, hoses, pipes (except for high pressured power steering pipes), build-up of carbon deposit, light bulbs or LED illumination, car bushes, bearings, DPF, catalytic converters, Air-Con refrigerants, wiring, fuses and heating elements, spark plugs, wiper blades, paintwork

Damage to components due to the use of contaminated or incorrect fuel

Damage caused by frost lack of oil or anti-freeze or negligence

Water/liquid ingress (including any damage to covered parts caused by water/liquid).

Wheel balancing and alignment

Repairs to vehicles which have been altered after purchase

Any vehicle used, at any time, for hire or reward (such as taxis or similar services), any commercial vehicle that weighs more than 3.5 tonnes, any vehicle used in any sort of competition, rally or racing (this includes “track days”), or any vehicle used in providing a public service (for example, police vehicles or ambulances)

Any liability for death, bodily injury, damage to other property or loss caused directly or indirectly by the failure or event giving rise to a claim under this warranty.

Any damage due to any type of accident.

Any damage which is a direct result of your or someone else’s (other than us) negligence or deliberate act.

Any loss, damage or failure which could have been avoided or was totally or partly caused by a lack of maintenance.

Making a claim under this warranty

In order to make a claim, you must bring your vehicle to us and we will confirm that the warranty is still in force and the repair is valid. We will then handle the repair on your behalf. If you cannot bring the vehicle back to us, we will require the following details in first instance:
• the fault for which you wish to make a claim
• the circumstances at the time the fault appeared
• the date when the fault was first noticed
• the vehicle mileage at the time the fault was noticed
• current vehicle mileage
• a copy of the vehicle’s error memory log
• details of the parts being replaced including a full detailed estimate of parts and labour from a GST registered garage

Le Cachet is not responsible for any statement or claim which contradicts the conditions of this warranty, unless an authorised representative of Le Cachet supports the statement or claim in writing.

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